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About dB Ear Wax Removal
dB Ear Wax Removal Ltd was set up by Danielle Barnes to provide services that are no longer easy to access through GP surgeries. Danielle has herself experienced hearing loss, so she understands the discomfort and frustration this can cause.

Danielle has worked in the NHS since 2004, prior to which she was a legal assistant specialising in clinical negligence in well respected London practices.

After qualifying in Adult Nursing from the University of Kingston and St Georges London, Danielle specialised and undertook further extensive training in intensive care and polytrauma as a senior staff nurse in Kings College Hospital London.

Following a move to Salisbury, Danielle worked as a community nurse. It was whilst in this post that Danielle recognised the level of discomfort and frustration many of her patients were experiencing as a direct result of untreated earwax buildup.

The impact on their quality of life was clear, as was their sense of frustration that such discomfort could be easily remeidied but as a non-commissioned service, GP surgeries and community care teams were unable to provide this fundamental treatment.

Danielle undertook further training and assessment in microsuction, and dB Ear Wax Removal Ltd was born.
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