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There are three treatments which are accepted as safe and effective when performed by a suitably qualified and experienced specialist. These are all offered by dB Earwax Removal Ltd.
Microsuction equipment
Microsuction is largely considered the gold standard of earwax removal, and is the most specialist. Only qualified nurses and audiologists should perform this procedure, and after specialist post qualification training.
This involves targeted low pressure suction applied directly to the chosen areas of wax. There should be no contact between the suction tube and the auditory canal, minimising risks of irritation or damage.
Microsuction carries the least risk of post treatment complications, is a 'dry' procedure, and is most effective without the traditional two week course of olive oil or ear drops. A skilled practitioner will leave a small amount of wax.
Irregation equipment
Irregation replaced ear syringing as a safer alternative. It is performed by a gentle flow of warm water being administered in the external ear canal to flush out softened wax. This method is indiscriminate in the wax that is removed.

This is the oldest and simplest form of removal. It is the manual removal of earwax using a specialist tool such as a scoop or a jobson horne probe.
Although microsuction is our primary method of wax removal, irrigation or curretting may be indicated, either as stand alone treatment or as adjuncts. This will be determined by your clinical assessment and discussion with you ( they are your ears, after all!) Our pricing remains the same whether one or all three methods are deemed appropriate.
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